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Faith Formation

Faith Formation

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Retreat Programs



Retreats are special opportunities for students to deepen and share their faith in a safe and inclusive environment. At Arlington Catholic, our retreats offer students and faculty the opportunity to reflect on their relationship with God, with each other, and their own lives and experiences. Small group discussions provide an opportunity for sharing thoughts, experiences, and questions. There are opportunities for different kinds of prayer and some free time for developing new friendships; both are important to the retreats.


Freshman Year

Freshman Retreat is a one-day experience in which the entire class participates. The theme is "Building Community." The retreat focuses on the individual and how we each can contribute to building the community of Arlington Catholic. The retreat ends with a kick ball tournament at the Arlington Catholic turf field.  

Junior Year

The Junior Retreat is mandatory for all members of the Junior Class.  The overall theme is centered on the development of the student, where they have been, where they are now, and where they are going in the future.  Attention is paid to developing healthy relationships with God, family, and friends, becoming a stronger and more active member of the school community, and imagining positive possibilities for Senior Year and beyond.  

Senior Retreat

The Senior Retreat is a voluntary retreat.  It centers around the deep theme of overcoming the storms and setbacks in life in order to become a stronger and more complete person.  Participants  are invited to see where God was present in their struggles, and how God now offers hope and light for the future.  

The retreat program at Arlington Catholic seeks to align itself with both Campus Ministry and the Theology Department in an attempt to engage the mind, body, and soul of the students and faculty of Arlington Catholic. In this way, we hope the retreat program is a part of a larger transformative experience.