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Mission & Tradition of Excellence

Mission & Tradition of Excellence

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We Are Critical Thinkers

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AC’s first student newspaper was called the AC Current and started in the 1960's.

Key Facts


Our Distinct Mission

Arlington Catholic is a co-educational college preparatory high school.

The academic, spiritual, and social development of our students is centered on our Catholic faith. We foster a community of critical thinkers dedicated to integrity, service and creating a more just society.  




Our Celebrated History

The school was founded in 1960 under the direction of Monsignor Oscar O’Gorman.  It was built by the parishioners of St. Agnes Parish in Arlington, and originally staffed by the congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph.  Since its inaugural class of 1964, Arlington Catholic has graduated over 8,000 students who have been formed in mind, body, and spirit by the dedicated and caring hands of faculty, coaches, and other adult mentors. Our alumni share the common experience of excellent preparation for study beyond high school and for making a difference in the world.  This tradition remains strong today.

There are currently 650 students at the school, coming from more than 47 cities and towns near Arlington representing more than 50 parishes in the archdiocese, as well as 8 countries. 98% of students pursue higher education with many students attending prestigious Catholic and Ivy League colleges including Boston College, Columbia University, Fordham University, Harvard University, Providence College, St. John’s University, Salve Regina University, University of Notre Dame, and Wellesley College. The school offers 26 varsity sports, and 23 after school clubs and activities. In conjunction with the school mission, the campus ministry program at Arlington Catholic fosters a Christian community by providing opportunities for students, faculty, staff and administrators to strengthen and share their faith.  Enrollment continues to remain strong with students from the Boston area, as well as an increased number of international students.  Arlington Catholic has been a school of choice for over 500 applicants each year. 

Arlington Catholic strives to maintain an education in the tradition of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, where it is accessible to young people with a wide range of financial means.  Our Annual Fund and support from parents, alumni and the greater Arlington Catholic community allows us to offer numerous academic scholarships and financial aid packages to meet this goal.  Over $550,000 a year is allocated for academic scholarships and financial aid impacting over 300 students.