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For over a decade, Arlington Catholic has received international students as a SEVIS-authorized F-1 visa granting school.  Each year, approximately 60 seats are made available for international students. 

International students come from several countries, and add to the school community in many ways. 

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Here are some of the most-often asked questions regarding the international application process:

Are there 50 new international students each year?
No. Seats are filled each year as they open due to graduation or transfer.
Where do your students come from?

Students come to us primarily from China, Korea, Vietnam and Russia.  We have also welcomed students from Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Thailand, Nepal, Italy, and Sweden in the past.

Do you arrange homestays or help students find host families?
No we do not; having an established homestay/host family is a prerequisite for gaining admission as an international student and is their responsibility fully.
What are the criteria for admission for international students?

Arlington Catholic gives preference to students who have already completed at least a full year in an American school, whether they are seeking a seat for 9th grade or transferring in from another high school.  Otherwise, preference is given to students who have been in an international school where English is spoken predominantly.

Is there an application deadline or fee?
International admissions are rolling and seats are filled as they become available.  There are limited spaces for new international students in grades 10 and 11 each year, so applicants are urged to submit their application by April 1.  There is no fee to apply.
What are the application requirements?
Students must complete the application and submit all high school grades (if a transfer applicant) and all middle school grades (if applying for grade9).  Students may submit their TOEFL score if applicable, but we do not accept SLEP scores.
Is an interview required?
Yes, either in person or via Skype.  
When will I know if I am accepted, and when will I receive my I-20 if accepted?
We will make a timely decision on each applicant.  Once a student is accepted, the student’s family will have two weeks to accept the acceptance and register the student for the coming year.  Once the registration forms and fee have been submitted, an I-20 will be issued.
Do you accept international transfer students for 12th grade?
No we do not.
Do you accept any international transfer students in the middle of the school year?
Though it is very rare that we have spaces for new international we consider international mid-year transfers case-by-case.
Are international students required to have insurance?
Insurance is strongly encouraged. Insurance is required for any international student participating in athletics.