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AC Alum Vicki Movsessian ’90 won a gold medal as part of the USA Womens' Ice Hockey Team at the 1998 Nagano Olympics

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Class of 1974

Barton Hall

December 17th, 2017 preceding the production of AC/DC's Really Rosie, it was announced that Dr. Larry Barton, an alumnus of both Saint Agnes School and Arlington Catholic High School, and his wife Eliza, have made a very generous $100,000 contribution to name the stage in Saint Agnes School Barton Hall in honor of his parents because they “made many sacrifices, as all parents do, to send their three sons to Saint Agnes School, and whatever success Larry has achieved in life, he directly attributes to them and the education he received here and at Arlington Catholic.”

Class of 1996

Help fellow Cougar Kasey Walsh Edwards '96 in finding a cure for SPG47 for her daughter Robbie and other children diagnosed with this rare disease. Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, type 47, otherwise known as "SPG47", is an ultra-rare neurodegenerative disease. Children afflicted with this genetic disorder generally present with symptoms including global developmental delay, microcephaly, seizures, malformation of the brain, and hypotonia (low-muscle tone). The few patients that learn to walk independently tend to lose that ability a few months or a few years later as they develop hypertonia (high-muscle tone) and muscle spasticity. Of the ~20 confirmed cases of SPG47 in the world at this time, the first 9 patients have progressed to loss of mobility in some or all extremities, and are severely intellectually challenged. Because of the extreme rarity of SPG47, very little research has been conducted to date, and there is no known treatment or cure at this time.

Cure SPG47 was founded in 2016 by the Edwards family and another family whose children were two newly diagnosed patients that at the time and among just 9 other documented cases of SPG47 worldwide, none of which were located in the United States. They decided to fight and refused to accept the bleak prognosis their children faced. 

The purpose of this organization is to study and seek a cure for SPG47. They aim to improve the quality of life for children impacted by SPG47 by accelerating the research for a cure or treatment and providing financial support for patient therapies critical to their well-being and rehabilitation. 

Help them turn $100,000 into $200,000 and be a part of something amazing! Cure SPG47 has an anonymous angel donor who is WILLING TO MATCH UP TO $100,000 in total donations from now until Jan. 31st, 2018!!!! Please, watch their video, donate if you can, and shout it from the rooftops!  Let's give these children a future as bright as their smiles!  Visit their GoFundMe page to donate or for more information at


Class of 1979

Arlington Catholic Alumni Janeen Romie Class of 1979 was part of the team that was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics.  Janeen is a Detector Group Leader for LIGO Livingston.  LIGO, the Lazer Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory, is an instrument that detected gravitational waves.  Janeen will be honoring us as our 2018 Commencement Speaker! 

The Matt McHugh Post Gobber

The 20th Matt McHugh Post Gobbler AC Football Tournament was a great success! They were able to raise $1,000 for the Matt McHugh Scholarship. It was awesome to see so many recent alumni at the event. It was a great day. A special thank you to James “Packy” Bradley ‘99 for his contribution of insurance coverage for the participants.

For more information on how to be involved next year or to donate please contact Mark O’Brien ’99 at



Class of 1989

Arlington Catholic Alumni Julianne Nicholson '89  has joined the cast of Law & Order: True Crime – The Menendez Murders.  Julianne is is playing Jill Lansing, a whip-smart and trusted partner on the defense team and responsible for representing Lyle. Julianne has also joined the cast of the Tonya Harding biopic "I,Tonya" as Harding's first skating coach, Diane Rawlinson.




On September 30th, we celebrated our Alumni with a Mass at Saint Agnes Church followed by a cocktail reception in our AC Gym. See pictures from that night HERE

Attention Alumni!

The Arlington Catholic English Department is looking for any Alumni that are writers to come to AC and:

  • Run a writing workshop

  • Speak about the journey as a writer

  • Speak about their love for writing, reading, and books

For more information please contact Mrs. Kayla Kelly in our English Department at

Class of 1966

Classmate Dr. Joe Aurelia has written, Why Not Me: A Brave Journey with Cancer by Joseph Aurelia.  Joe wanted to share the story of the loss of his beloved wife, Camille.  The book details her battle with cancer and their journey through its treatment process.  This book shares information for people with cancer, caretakers, family members, and caring professionals alike.  Joe’s experience taught him the need to treat the person with cancer, and not just the cancer. At heart, Why Not Me teaches readers to help their loved one recognize both physical and emotional pain, and to alleviate suffering as much as possible.  You can purchase your copy on Amazon or use this link

Joe has also created the Camille F. Aurelia Cancer Foundation, for information please email Joe at






New Balance Falmouth Road Race

Congratulations to our TEAM AC runners!

After months of training and fundraising, our runners finished strong at the 45th New Balance Falmouth Road Race. They ran the scenic seven-mile course with phenomenal results. Our youngest runner, Sean Kay (14 yo) finished 98th out of more than 11,000 runners with a 42:12. His pace of just over 6 minutes per mile resulted in a 2nd place finish, out of 156 males in the 10-14 age group. Two of our runners exceeded their fundraising goals with donations still coming in! 
You never know who you will see, alum Nate Naughton ’90 with his wife Lisa found fellow alum Lisa Hickey Simmons ’96 along the way. Lisa Simmons ran for the MR8 Foundation.
Once again, Arlington Catholic thanks our runners Nate Naughton ’90 and his wife Lisa, Caitlin Feeney ’99, Sean Kay ‘20 and Matt Killion for representing TEAM AC and we thank their donors and supporters for their dedication and commitment to Arlington Catholic.





Class of 1996

Congratulations to our 2017 Commencement Speaker, Youngest Inductee to our Hall of Fame, previous Emmy winner for coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings and Team Coverage: Revere Tornado, Lisa Hickey Simmons '96.  Lisa currently produces an evening newscast for Boston’s News Leader, WCVB.  She is part of a team at WCVB that has won the Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence.   On Saturday, June 24th, Lisa  won a  Best Producer Emmy  awarded by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences/New England Chapter.
We congratulate Lisa and wish her continued success!!

Class of 1989

We are proud to share that Alum Donna Lavalle Rockwell ’89 has an adorable new children’s book, Seeing Stars!

Donna's book is full of her charming illustrations and many interesting facts about starfish.  Congratulations Donna!

Class of 2005

Shane Lally, '05, recently graduated from US Navy Officer Candidate School.


AC Alum enjoying some summer fun together! 

Claire MacLellan Vink '84, Susan Mullenmeister '84, Shirley Canniff '83, Marianne Markwarth'87, and Tom McGinnity '84.  



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Monday 9/18/17 26th Annual Monsignor Linnehan Golf Tournament Tee Time 10:30am

Friday 9/29/17 Alumni Shadow Day 

Saturday 9/30/17 Alumni Welcome Home Mass 6:30pm


Tuesday 10/24/17 AC Night at the Celtics 7:30pm

Thursday 10/19/17- Open House


Sunday 11/5/17 - Open House

Thursday 11/23/17 Annual Thanksgiving Day Game 10:00am

Tuesday 11/28/17 Knock Knock Get a Sock AC Fund Campaign #GivingTuesday

Sunday 12/10/17 - Festival of Trees

Tuesday 12/14/17 Christmas Centerpiece Making 6:30pm

Sunday 1217/17 - "Really Rosie" Drama Show at

Saint Agnes Stage 1pm


Saturday 3/24/18 - Quiz Night


Friday 4/6/18 Musical 7:00pm

Saturday  4/7/18 Musical 9:30p


Friday 5/11/18 - 10K Drawing

Wednesday 5/23/18 - ’68 50th Baccalaureate Procession



Congratulations to our newest Alumni!

Our 2017 Graduates! 

Hannah Noelle Amaral

Nicole Marie Amato

Matthew Anderson

Nicole Rena Angelakis *‡

Isabella Mary Aristizabal

Alexa Arsenault *

Samantha Elizabeth Baessler

Michael Anthony Balboni *‡

Alexandra Elizabeth Ball

Marc Frank Bardascino

Amanda Bastos

Mary Jacqueline Bekelian

John Joseph Bertolami Jr.

John David Biagioni *‡

Elena Bonetti *

Melony Rita Breese Forcier

Michelle Brienza

Matthew Robert Brown ◊

Matthew Bulger

Spencer Sasso Burton

Robert David Cain ◊

Gregory P. Cali *‡

Haley Marie Campbell *

Donatella Carazo

Olivia Maria Casey ◊

Isabelle Margaret Charbonnier

Evgenii Viktorovich Chubchik

Matthew Scott Cohen

Julia Pauline Condon

Isaac James Cook

James Cordero *‡

Kristen Celia Correia *‡

Mary Rachel Cortes

Stephen T. Coughlin

Bridget Elizabeth Crane ◊

Matthew Apone Cucinotta

Courtney Susan Cunha

Carmen Joseph DeAngelis

Victoria Natalia DeFabritiis *

Ria Elizabeth DeFranzo *

Thomas Joseph DeLillo

John Peirce Dellanno ◊

Isabella DePalo

Ciara Ashley Devereaux

Megan Diep

Nanxin Ding

Craig Joseph Diskin *†

Samantha Ann Donahue *†

Marie Lucia Donovan ◊

Owen Christopher Doyon

ZhuoJun Duan

William M. Dynan

Ziying Fan

Nicolas David Fernandez-Cote

Larissa Lee Ferretti ◊

Bridget Kelly Flaherty *†

Taryn Elizabeth Foley

Nicholas R. Garber

Allison Catherine Garvey

Cameron John Geary ◊

Chloé Lourdes Georges

Stephanie Marie Goguen

Hanwen Gu *

Xiangxi Guo *

Heesuk Han

John Charles Hanley

Julia Ann Hart *

Kevin Hickey Jr.

Seamus Coughlin Holden ◊

Mark Hughes

Courtney Anne Ingersoll *

Michael Alexander Jacobs

Timothy David Jordan

Ryan Domingo Joseph

Alexandra Irene Kay *‡

Padraig Sullivan Keane

Connor Keelan

Hyunjoon Kim

Meghan Curtin Kreider ◊

Joanna Maria Kubiak

Kathleen-Neelam S. Kumar

Kerry Ann Laska

Matthew Laurendeau

Phuong Le *

Inhyuk Lee *

Yilei Li *

Zhixiang Lin

Andrea Veronica Lopez Avalos

Catherine Tatiana Lopez Avalos

Karmen Lu *

Samantha Grace Lum

Anastasia Maniatis

Julia Mattera

Michael Flynn McGinnity ◊

Kathleen Elizabeth McHale

Mahima Menghani *‡

Anton P. Metelev

Kathryn Elizabeth Meyer

William Joseph Mills

Jasmine Lee Mucci

Paul William Murray

William Muzarol Jr.

Catherine Marie Nee

Caitlyn Theresa Neville *

Michaela Marie Noviello

Natalie Grace Pagliocca

Gianna Marie Paratore

Quentin Michael Pasquarello

Marissa Anne Pepe

Lena Perez *

Nguyet Pham

Tekarina Pierre

William Pierre Louis

Matthew Paul Pigott ◊

Nicole Porte

Ariana Ragucci

Joseph Daniel Redmond ◊

Lauren Ashley Richardson

Rose Anne Roche *†

Monica Dakota Royo *†

Ze Rui

Heidi Sabrina Santa Cruz *

Hannah Rose Savage

Daniel J. Settipani

Osel Sharma

Carly Agnes Silva *‡

MaryKate Elizabeth Simmons ◊

Jackson Aaron Smith

Luana Blais Soares

Eric Daniel Spagnoli *

Michael Anthony Stanford

Marcellina Daniella Taranto

Alexander Tavitian

MaryKate Elizabeth Toner

Michael A. Valente

Jane Wakefield *

Chloe Wentworth

Luqin Xu

Yijing Yan *

* - National Honor Society

- La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

†  - La Société Honoraire de Français

      ◊ - Legacy

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Help us turn $100,000 into $200,000! Today is Giving Tuesday you can be a part of something amazing! Cure SPG47 has an anonymous angel donor who is WILLING TO MATCH UP TO $100,000 in total donations from now until Jan. 31st, 2018!!!! Please, watch our video, donate if you can, and shout it from the rooftops! Or, if easier, SHARE this post with anyone and everyone you can. Let's give these children a future as bright as their smiles!