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Faculty Directory

Faculty Directory

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Key Facts
Susan Ampe '80 Science
John Balliro English
Stephen Barrett Director of Enrollment
Rose Benedetti '03 Mathematics
Jacquie Billings English Chairperson
Christina Buckley Mathematics
Linda Butt Principal
Kathleen Cassell Physical Education
Michael Cave World Language
Serge Clivio Theology
William Cobb Social Studies
Janet Delude '96 Director of Guidance
Natalie Delaria '95 World Language
Lauren Dever Director of Achievement Center, English
Jessie Dunn '01 Guidance
Carol Elices World Language Chairperson
Michael Fay  English
Jillian Fiorentino Theology
Michael Foley Social Studies
Jayne Franchini Theology 
Michael Fullerton Art
Neil Gendron  Guidance
Heidi Gould English
John Graceffa Vice Principal for Student Life
Christian Guarino Social Studies
Elizabeth Heston English & Social Studies
Kayla Hogue English
James Hyland Mathematics Chairperson, Science
Christy Kiernan, LICSW Guidance
Matt Killion Main Office
Betty Lally '74 Guidance
Maura Lavalle Finance and Tuition Manager
Michelle Maffeo Mathematics 
Philip Mastro Trainer
Emily McClintock World Language
Sr. Barbara McHugh Campus Minister, Theology
Anne Meinke Mathematics
Andrea Morrissey Science Chairperson, Campus Ministry
Daniel Munroe Science
Ken Murphy Science
Mea Mustone '93 Assistant Campus Minister
Nathaniel Naughton '90 Vice Principal for Academics, Social Studies
Sr. Catherine Nevin School Store
Mary O'Connor World Language
Barbara O’Connell Science
Lee-Ann Pepicelli-Murray '93 Director of Advancement
Nicole Praetorius Social Studies, School Store
Edward Rosa Administrative Assistant
Hayley Samperi Social Studies
Robert Sarmiento Social Studies Chairperson
Kelly Seibel Library
Jane Seminara Theology Chairperson
Daniel Shine Director of Athleics
Erin (Kilgarriff) Simmons '88 Development
Victoria Rozzi  Mathematics 
Filippo Toscano World Language 
Janine Towle Science
Martin Vazquez Mathematics
David Wilcox Theology