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Photography Club

Photography Club

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AC Alum Julia Marino ’10 was the first person to represent her home country of Paraguay in the winter Olympics at the 2014 Sochi Olympics

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Photography Club

This club offers students the opportunity to develop skills in photography.  Through special guest presentations and club member input, we learn about the exposure triangle, principles of photographic composition, and photo editing. We practice our skills with various types of equipment- from iPhones and iPads to point and shoot cameras to more sophisticated digital cameras. Favorite shots are posted on the club’s Facebook page as well as on club bulletin boards located throughout AC. Each month the club holds a themed competition. Past themes included “My Favorite Summer Memory”, “Black and White”, and “Still Life”. Winning photos are enlarged for display at school.  AC photographers go on a number of field trips.  Every fall we take nature walks to nearby Spy Pond or Menotomy Rocks Park.  In the winter we attend Zoolights at the Stone Zoo and practice nighttime photography. We have gone to the New England Aquarium to practice capturing motion and have taken tours of the Peabody Essex Museum as well as the Museum of Fine Arts. Our museum trips give us the opportunity to tour photographic exhibits. We end the year by going to the Boston Public Gardens to see the spring flowers. We are always open to new ideas and trips.  In addition, some photographers volunteer to take pictures at various school events and drama presentations. In order to support our printing costs, we sell note cards in the school store.