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FAQs About the Transfer Process

FAQs About the Transfer Process


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Can I transfer in during the current school year?
The answer is yes- depending upon space in that particular grade level.
When is the best time to transfer?

We strongly encourage students to transfer at the beginning of the second marking period (early November) or at the beginning of the second semester (last week of January).  These times allow for the smoothest transition for a new student.

What are the steps for applying as a transfer?

It is a three-step process: submit the completed application found on our webpage; have your current school send us an official high school transcript along with a complete discipline/attendance report and teacher/counselor recommendation; and schedule an interview with the Admissions Office.

Will I be able to shadow at AC?

Once a potential transfer student has submitted all items listed above and has had an interview, the Admissions Office will offer a shadow day so the student can get a true sense of what a typical day at Arlington Catholic is like.

What factors are considered when someone applies as a transfer?

We will look at your academic performance, your discipline/attendance report, and the types of courses you are currently taking.  Part of deciding upon transfer applicants is making sure that AC is the right fit for you, so grade size, class size and offerings are closely considered.

If I am accepted, how long will I have to decide if transferring is right for me?

Changing schools is a big decision that requires a good deal of thought; AC will give you two weeks to come to a final decision about transferring.

Do you accept transfers over the summer, and is the process any different?

AC does accept transfers over the summer; except for the shadow day, all the other application steps are the same.

Do you accept transfers for 12th grade?

We do not, unless a student is moving to this area from out of state.

Is there a fee to apply as a transfer student?
Do I need to submit any standardized test results like the HSPT, or take any kind of standardized test to be admitted?

No- we will focus on your high school career.  If there are standardized results from your high school years, you may submit them if you wish.