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Applying to AC

Applying to AC


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Now is the PERFECT time to start thinking about the high school admissions process. As you finish up your 7th grade studies, it’s time for you and your families to formulate a plan for looking at all the possibilities that a Catholic high school education has to offer.

Next fall will be a very busy time for you as you start your final year of middle school. There are lots of things to think about and factors to consider as you look at your high school options- and a very short period of time to do everything- so starting early is a smart strategy.

Here are some key steps to take this summer towards building a sound strategy for the high school admissions process:

STEP 1- Start talking with your parents about what you are looking for in a high school

  • Size- big, medium, or small?
  • Coed or single gender?
  • Distance - nearby or are you willing to travel a little bit?
  • Academic offerings- do they suit your interests?
  • Extracurriculars- sports, theater, arts, clubs, community service options- these are very important.


STEP 2- Start reading high school websites

  • These are great resources to see what schools offer.
  • Complete the inquiry form on each school’s website to receive more information.  Visit  to complete Arlington Catholic’s inquiry form.
  • Follow schools on social media to get a real sense of each school.
  • Don’t just go by the photos.  Read the content as well to learn as much about each school as possible.
  • Go to the Admissions page especially- you’ll find key dates for each school’s Open Houses, High School Placement Test (HSPT) offerings, and shadow opportunities.


STEP 3- Start prepping

  • Even though its summer, a little bit of prep for the HSPT will go a long way towards easing your testing next fall.
  • Research enrolling in a prep course- ACHS offers week-long courses throughout July. Visit for more information.
  • Visit Barnes and Noble and buy a prep book that includes strategies for taking the HSPT. (Recommendation: Peterson’s Master the Catholic High School Exams 2018)


STEP 4- Start scheduling

  • Fill your calendar with Open House dates, HSPT dates, High School Fairs, etc.
  • Sit with your family and schedule important family dates- you don’t want to miss something important due to overscheduling.
  • My advice- don’t try to do two Open Houses in one day.  It’s too hectic, and you’ll leave without a clear picture of either school worrying about getting to two places in one day.
  • Carefully pick a date to take the HSPT- factor in your schedule, the location of the test site, your comfort level with preparation- do what’s best for YOU. HSPT dates will be confirmed mid-summer.

We are always willing to help answer any questions you or your parents may  have- so don’t ever hesitate to ask.

Mr. Barrett

Arlington Catholic

Director of Enrollment



Currently there are select openings for grades 9 -11 for the 2018-2019 school year. Applicants are invited to submit their application materials as a part of rolling admissions. Decisions on applicants are made on a rolling basis, as space allows.

For Grade 9 Applicants:

Step 1:  Submit the Archdiocese of Boston High School Placement Test (HSPT) scores. Arlington Catholic accepts both the HSPT and the SSAT.  However, only HSPT scores will be accepted for merit scholarship consideration.

Step 2:  Complete the online Arlington Catholic High School Application for Admission.

Step 3:  Ask your current school to submit the following:

  • 7th and 8th grade transcripts; including standardized test scores, attendance records, educational assessments (if any). 
  • Recommendation from a teacher or counselor. (instructions included in online application).
  • Optional: Additional Recommendation from a member outside the school community. (instructions included in online application).










For Grade 10 and 11 Applicants:

Step 1:  Complete the online Arlington Catholic High School Application for Admission.

Step 2:  Ask your current school to submit the following:

  • Current official high school transcript (including most recent report card)
  • Standardized test scores for tests administered during high school
  • Attendance records
  • Educational assessments (if any)
  • Arlington Catholic Disciplinary Report Form
  • Recommendation Form from a teacher or counselor.                                                            

Step: 3:  Schedule a personal interview with admissions.

Decisions on applicants are made on a rolling basis as space allows.