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Admissions FAQ

Admissions FAQ


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Do I need to take an Entrance Exam to apply to AC?

Yes- we require the High School Placement Test (HSPT), given by the Archdiocese of Boston in November and December each year.  Students take the test in 8th grade only, and can only take the test once.



Does AC accept any other forms of standardized testing?

The HSPT is the primary test, and the one we use to determine merit scholarship recipients.  However, students can submit the SSAT from fall of 8th grade for acceptance purposes.

Where can I take the test?
The test is offered at Arlington Catholic, as well as all other area Catholic high schools.  
How does AC receive my scores?
Students indicate on their HSPT answer key which Archdiocesan school they wish to have scores reported to by listing the school code on their answer key.  The school code for Arlington Catholic is 14.
When will I get my results?
Your scores will be directly sent to the schools to which you apply; you will receive your Student Score Report a month after you take your test by US Mail at your home.
When is my application due?

The family information sheet and student essays are due by December 15.  Students are encouraged to give the Teacher Recommendation Form to their preferred middle school counselor or teacher as early in the fall as possible; remember, they will be asked to fill out many recommendations, so be respectful of their time!

Do I need to send in my grades and recommendations?

No- your middles school grades will come from your school after you notify them of where you want them sent.  Recommendations should come directly from the person writing on your behalf.  Remember- your HSPT results will come directly to us.

How will I know if my application is complete?

Our office will be in contact with you throughout the application process- to remind you of upcoming deadlines, to alert you about missing pieces to your application, and of course to notify you that your application is complete!

Is there an application fee?
Do I need to have an interview to be considered for acceptance?
No- but you and your family are more than welcome to either attend one of our Fall Open Houses or to schedule a tour to see the school and ask any questions you may have.
When will I know if I’ve been accepted to AC?

All Archdiocesan schools send out their decision letters on February 1 each year; we will notify all applicants at that time.

Does AC offer scholarships and aid to students?

Merit scholarships are awarded each year to applicants who score highly on the HSPT and have strong middle school grades.   If a student is awarded a merit scholarship, that award letter will be included in the student’s acceptance packet.

Financial aid is awarded to families who apply for financial aid through Smart Tuition and qualify based on family need.  

If you are interested in applying for financial aid, you can apply through Smart Grant and Aid by clicking here.  You will be asked to set up an account with a user name and password.  

*When asked to enter the school code, please type 13345, then click on the green magnifying glass icon to see Arlington Catholic High School.*

Applications are due for the Class of 2021 on December 31, 2016.

When do I need to decide to accept AC’s acceptance?
Families have until the first Friday in March to register at Arlington Catholic.
When do I find out what classes I will be taking?

In mid-March, AC runs a series of Parent-Student Information Nights for those who have registered for the incoming freshman class.  At these sessions, students and parents learn a lot about AC, especially what classes are offered to freshman and how to register for those classes.

How will I know if I will be in honors classes?
Each spring AC offers Honors Placement Tests in English, Math, Foreign Language, History, and Science so that we can properly place students in the classes that suit them best based on their individual strengths.  These tests help us accurately assess the proper level for each incoming student.  The testing takes one hour per test, and students can choose which test they wish to take and as many as they want to pursue.  Placement tests are offered after school, so students and parents can choose the day or time that works best for them!