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Students at Arlington Catholic are required to take a minimum of two consecutive years of either a classical language (Latin) or world language (French or Spanish). However, as many colleges favor three to four years of a classical or world language, we encourage the study of a language beyond the minimum requirement.

Why study Latin, a “dead” language? For a start, Latin can help you improve your English vocabulary (50% of English words derive from Latin) and develop your understanding of grammar. Moreover, Latin is the language of law, science and Christian theology. By studying Latin, you also learn about the culture, history, and mythology of ancient Rome.



Michael Cave,
BA Spanish, Southern Connecticut State University
MEd, Harvard University
PhD Spanish, University of Connecticut

Course Offerings

Latin 1

LATIN 1 – 417

1 Credit

This  course is designed for students who have had no previous study of Latin. Latin-derived English vocabulary and the general principles of' how such words are formed will be a major focus of the course. In addition, important aspects of Roman civilization will be presented.

Grades: 9, 10, 11
Latin 2

LATIN 2 – 418
1 Credit

This course builds on the skills learned in Latin 1. Students will be expected to do work involving the active production of Latin as well as reading comprehension of increasingly authentic Latin prose. In addition, important aspects of Roman history and civilization will be presented. Please note: incoming freshmen must take the department placement test to enroll in this level.

Grades: 9, 10, 11