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Support the Romero Center Trip

Support the Romero Center Trip

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Members of AC Humanitarians are traveling to Camden New Jersey to participate in the Romero Center Urban Challenge Program Arpil 26 - April 29, 2018. Camden, NJ is a city hit hard by poverty and homelessness.  During this trip they will have the opportunity to meet the staff from the Romero Center, students from other schools across the country, and the people who live in Camden, NJ and Philadelphia, PA.  During their stay in Camden they will participate in daily work sites where they will be involved in any of the following: helping to prepare lunch for the homeless, working with underprivileged children in daycare centers, providing companionship to the elderly, playing games with the wheelchair bound, digging gardens, and planting trees.  Every day is a new experience and a new adventure as they learn to get out of their comfort zones and see life through the eyes of the less fortunate.  In the evenings students attend mini-workshops with the other students who are at the center and they learn about Catholic Social Teaching and issues regarding the poor.  The program is run by a team of presenters who show videos and lead discussions.  There are daily prayer services and reflections. This program is very powerful and previous participants say that their lives have been changed and they cannot wait to return again next year. 

In order for students to attend this program they need to raise funds for the program itself and for transportation to New Jersey.

If you would like to make a donation to one of our students, click here!  


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Thank you very much for sending us on this mission!