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Health Office

Health Office

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When AC opened in 1960, it was staffed solely by the Sisters of Saint Joseph

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August 2017 Nurses Hours 

Note:  Football begins on Friday August 18, 2017

All other fall sports (Boys & Girls Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country) begin on Thursday, August 24, 2017. 

The School Nurse will be at school to check for Orange Cards and Physicals on the following dates:  

August 17 9am-1pm
August 18 10am - 1pm
August 23  9am - 1pm
August 24 8am - 1pm
August 28 - Sept 1 - 9am - 12 noon 

Please make copies of your student's physical.  One for the school and one for your own records. 



Health Office

If during the day a student does not feel well they should come to the Health Office. Dismissal for Illness is made through the Health Office,  students should not call/text parents prior to going to the Health Office, this could result in disciplinary actions. No student is allowed to leave without Parent/Guardian permission.

Students who need inhaler or Epi-Pen may carry them with Doctor’s order in place in the Health Office. It is also advised that an extra inhaler or Epi-Pen be kept in the Health Office for emergencies.

 All medications (prescription and over the counter) to be given during the school day must be brought into the school Health office in the original container with a pharmacy label attached, if applicable. ALL medications are dispensed from the Nurses office during the school day.

All medications given must have Parent/Guardian permission. Doctor’s orders are required to be on file for prescription medications.

All injuries sustained either in school, at an AC event or out of school should be reported to the Health office as soon as possible accompanied by a Doctor’s note. This ensures that your student will receive the care and accommodations needed for the safety, wellbeing and success of your student.

Please contact the Health office if your student is sick with a contagious illness such as Strep, Flu, Conjunctivitis, Mononucleosis, etc. If your student has a medical or dental procedure/surgery that may impact their safety and wellbeing during the schoolday please contact the Health office as well. Students will need to bring a Medical/Doctors note upon return to school.

Orange  Cards

Student athletes must have an Orange card signed by the nurse before each sports season they plan to participate in, in order to try out and play. Students must pick up cleared Orange cards from the Health office prior to tryouts. Orange cards provide permission and medical clearance for sports participation. A current valid physical must be on file in the nurse’s office in order for the orange card to be signed. The physical must be no older than 13 months. Orange cards must be completed by Aug. 20th in order to be eligible for Fall sports.

Pre-Participation Head Injury Form

Massachusetts state law requires that a Pre- Participation Head Injury form be completed by a parent prior to the start of each sports season, even if the student has never been diagnosed with a previous concussion. This form must be on file in order for the orange card to be cleared. 

Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call.

Stacey Boczenowski
Health Office: 781 777-7018
Fax: 781 648-8345