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Athlete Health Information

Athlete Health Information


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Key Facts

Orange  Cards

Student athletes must have an Orange card signed by the nurse before each sports season they plan to participate in, in order to try out and play. Students must pick up cleared Orange cards from the Health office prior to tryouts. Orange cards provide permission and medical clearance for sports participation. A current valid physical must be on file in the nurse’s office in order for the orange card to be signed. The physical must be no older than 13 months. Orange cards must be completed by prior to the tryout in order to be eligible for Fall sports.

Nurses Office:
The nurses summer hours will be posted at a later date to clear Orange Cards for Fall sports  tryouts and participation. Please bring an updated physical (within the past 12 months), a completed and signed Pre Participation Head Injury Form (found on the AC website  or available at the Nurses office). Orange card clearance is needed and provides medical clearance for students to tryout and participate in sports. 

Pre-Participation Head Injury Form

Massachusetts state law requires that a Pre- Participation Head Injury form be completed by a parent prior to the start of each sports season, even if the student has never been diagnosed with a previous concussion. This form must be on file in order for the orange card to be cleared. 


Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call.

Health Office: 781 777-7018
Fax: 781 648-8345