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August 1

As the summer winds down, the Admissions Department begins to receive more and more inquiries from rising 8th grade families about how to get the high school selection process underway.  The most frequently asked question is, “Am I too early in looking at a high school for my student?”

The answer is emphatically NO!  This is a great time to begin the high school review process.  Here are some helpful tips on beginning your selection process:

  • Begin your research by looking at the school’s website- see what courses are offered, what co-curricular offerings are available, and check to see what important dates may be posted for upcoming admissions events at each school. 
  • Contact the Admission Office- if possible, schedule an interview or a tour of the school in August to get a feel for each school.  This may be a good time to sit down with the Admissions personnel to discuss your student’s interest and needs, as well as to get answers to your specific questions on admissions, finance, etc.  The AC Admissions Department is open full time from August 14th on to facilitate these kinds of meetings- simply call to set one up!
  • Start planning tours and Open Houses- check out your schools of interest to see when their individual Open Houses will be and plot them out onto a calendar.  Things get busy quickly in the fall, so having a plan will help you balance your time and energy better.  AC’s Open Houses are listed on our Calendar- don’t forget to put them onto YOUR calendar!!
  • Go to High School Fairs- several area schools offer fairs, where you can speak directly to the admissions staff of dozens of schools at one time.  Trust that AC will be present at the BC High Fair, the Malden Catholic Fair, the Matignon Fair- and any other local fair where quality students and their families will be visiting!!
  • Sign up for the HSPT- registration for the HSPT should be forthcoming by the time school starts- check our website for updates, as they will be posted as soon as we receive word from STS and the Archdiocese!
  • Think about shadowing your favorite choices- Check your 3 top school choices to see when they offer shadowing, and book a day that works best for you.  Getting a “day in the life” experience is important- our shadow days will be posted shortly on this page!

Hopefully these tips will help guide you through the early fall high school selection frenzy.  If we can be of any other assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Steve Barrett

Director of Enrollment