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Arlington Catholic High School

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AC Alum Mark Sullivan ’72 is the former Director of the US Secret Service

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We are so excited you have decided  to be a part of the Arlington Catholic High School Community!

In order to register for the Class of 2021, you must complete the following two forms:

1.  Register here with Smart Tuition and pay your registration fee.

2.  Register here with your child's information and sign up for a Course Selection Program Evening!  (*You will be creating a user name and password that will follow you for your 4 years at Arlington Catholic, so please be sure to make note of the e-mail address and password you choose!)

The first 50 students who register (your registration is not complete until you complete steps 1 and 2) will be entered to win a new iPad!


Once you complete BOTH forms, we will be in touch!



Tuition and Fee Information

More information will be available shortly for:

Books (available in May)

Uniforms (available in March)

iPad and Calculator Requirements (available in March)

Class of 2021 Course Registration Instructions

Course of Studies Program 

Freshmen Course Selection Shee

Summer Reading (available in May)

Meet the Coaches Day (available in April)