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Virtual High School

Virtual High School


Meet Jack

a Junior at Arlington Catholic

Meet the Community

Throughout the 60’s and 70’s, AC had a nationally recognized Oratory Club led by Sister Ruth Elizabeth Sylverius

Key Facts

Several years ago, Arlington Catholic High school joined the Archdiocesan Virtual High School Collaborative which links member schools with an online learning program called Virtual High School. From an initial student enrollment of nine students, the program has expanded to enroll the maximum of twenty-five students in this current school year.

The Virtual High School program describes itself as providing “student-centered classes which offer collaboration among students” from across the United States and even the world. As such, the classes run on an asynchronous basis. This enables students to access their course online 24/7 but they are expected to adhere to assignment and project due dates. Students are also expected to actively participate in threaded discussions with their global classmates. At Arlington Catholic, VHS courses are scheduled into the academic program of students so that they are engaged in VHS coursework during the school day. Additionally, students are required to work outside of school time. Students selected to participate in this VHS program must have demonstrated their ability to be independent motivated learners who can navigate the VHS platform, submit their work online and meet deadlines. Students are allowed to enroll in courses not offered onsite or for those who wish to take a seventh course. Some examples of the range of courses currently or recently taken include: AP Human Geography, AP Economics, AP Statistics, AP US Government and Politics, AP Music Theory, Criminology, Psychology of Crime, Journalism in the Digital Age, Creative Writing, Music Listening and Critique, Fundamentals of Music Composition, Film and Literature, Business and Personal Law and Investing in the Stock Market.

The opportunity to become part of this global classroom is a unique way for those students interested in pursuing specialized coursework to broaden their educational experience beyond the brick and mortor of Arlington Catholic High School.